5 Exciting B2B Marketing Tools in 2017

In the world of B2B Marketing, there is a blitzkrieg of new tools emerging every day. But not all will cut the ice and not all are suited for the enterprise scale.

Featured in this video are 5 B2B marketing tools for the Enterprise. They hold huge potential to impact enterprise marketing at various stages of the sales funnel. Further, these also help in doing account-based marketing alongside inbound marketing.

First: MarianaIQ.com

The biggest challenge as a marketer starts with finding the right profiles that fit your target market. Buying costly databases most often ends up in wasted dollars. This is where MarianaIQ comes in. MarianaIQ is a demand-generation platform that does two things:
A) The tool (using artificial intelligence) helps find profiles that fit the target audience.
B) After discovering the contacts, the platform helps deliver customized advertising through social channels to the chosen audience. MarianaIQ is a recently funded startup featured in Gartner’s catalog of top predictive analytics tools for Marketing.

Second: LeadForensics.com

Its an often quoted fact that less than 2% of your visitors enter the sales funnel and leave their contact details. The rest is anonymous traffic and would be great if we get to know which companies are visiting and have the potential to become leads. This is what LeadForensics shines a light on. Using a large IP to company mapping database LeadForensics will tell you which organisations are visiting the site. This data can help inside sales and sales teams to know who amongst their contacts list is showing interest. With this info, they can prioritise the accounts to reach out to.

Third: Hotjar

Apart from knowing who are visitors are, as marketers we need leads. So landing pages, A/B testing and optimisation becomes key. This is where Hotjar comes in. While there are many such SaaS tools for website optimisation, Hotjar leads the pack.
The tool also offers heat map analysis. This is particularly useful in knowing which parts of your blog content is the visitor engaging with, how long do they scroll and such.

Fourth: Conversica

Once we generate leads, usually sales teams aren’t going to jump in and pursue them yet because these are early stage leads and as a sales person short on time, do you pursue an active opportunity or keep pegging away at these leads? Here Conversica is a game changer. This is an AI based tool that does automated and person-like email conversations with leads. It helps bring the lead close to a meeting and then hand over to a ‘genuine’ sales person.

Fifth: Onalytica

There is no better press than word of mouth and as marketers we actively wish to get some earned media – right? This brings us to ‘Influencer marketing’ and a tool that helps you reach out to influencers in your industry domain is Onalytica. Just as we have a funnel for customers – attract, engage and convert, we need to identify influencers engage them and get them to feature us. Onalytica will help manage that conversion cycle at scale.

Wrap up:

Overall, B2B marketing success depends heavily not just on finding the right tools but also in utilising them effectively. At Leadwalnut.in, we will be happy to help with your enterprise marketing objectives. Until we connect again, thanks for reading and happy marketing to you.


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