B2B startups: A route to win your first 10 customers

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Hello Founder,

Congratulations on your B2B start up. Getting your idea to become a product takes great motivation and courage (or lack of alternatives :). Just that you have a hope and a dream is a great place to be in. Cheers to that.

Now, to survive the startup jungle, you need to sell. But you are not going to hire that ‘Head of Sales’ are you? Unless you are funded and your VC chooses to nudge in a sales head that they want, you are left to fend for yourself.

The goal is straightforward – get new customers. How cool would it be if you could command “Alexa, get me 5 clients this week!”. And if I were Alexa, my prompt reply would be “Will do lazy bones, but first shrug off that inertia and hit the street now”. Sorry, I’m digressing.

As a B2B startup let us confirm this – you would have used ‘Gmail for work’ and gotten your work email setup yes? It’s important, you will see this later in the article.

Let’s roll up sleeves, blast a couple of myths away and find that guaranteed growth path to your first 10 customers.

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