About the company:

LeadWalnut.com is a fast growing digital consultancy focused on delivery growth to enterprises big and small especially with a focus on technology.

As much as customers choose us, we choose to work with a select few customers. Yes, sounds haughty but it is grounded on a key principle: We should be able to grow our customer, and if we are not convinced, we do not take the business.

The company owes a lot to Sellerworx. From providing incubation space to e-commerce knowledge to opportunities to work with customers, Sellerworx has helped in every way.

About the team:

We are young at heart…young enough to learn everyday. We are passionate about lead generation¬†and believe in the promise that digital brings to transform businesses. Since we started our journey in July 2015, we have helped 200+ sellers begin their online growth story.


The founders, Ajay and Nattu worked in Tesco (UK’s leading retailer) for over 6 years and were actively engaged in setting up the e-commerce business¬†@ Tesco’s general merchandising division.

While Nattu connects instantly with growth pains of clients, Ajay brings in execution excellence to make things happen. And things happen fast.

If you wish to learn tonnes @ work while you deliver great value for clients, Leadwalnut could be just the right fit. Feel free to call us or drop a note and we will be happy to meet.

Leadwalnut.in is a division of BizBoost Business Solutions LLP